You See A Home Gym…I See No Addictions Healthy Lifestyle

You See A Home Gym…I See No Addictions Healthy Lifestyle

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You see a home gym; I see no addictions. Looking deeper, there is always a story of how we got here…or didn’t make it. My life journey has not always been so pleasant. The last year has shown me not only my many blessings for what I am grateful for, but also reminds me of my journey and how I got here, and how easy it is to choose a path of destruction, or a path of hope and happiness.

When I walk into my home gym, I clearly see the struggles of my life. On one end evil life destroying pleasure calling me, with so called “friends” encouraging me to take that route, as misery loves company, and the countless times I surrendered to pleasure and destroyed my life (fake life), over and over. On the other end, I have a path of hope, happiness, joy, where I can be my true authentic self, and with each breath live with purpose and meaning, with God, Family, and special friends serving as my guidance, motivation, and role models, people that really absolutely love me encouraging me to take this path.

My great escape. Its not always what you see, its mostly what you don’t see. Yes, it’s a home gym, but its not what I see or feel when I’m here practicing, honing my craft, inspiring and coaching others, I see the many addictions in this evil world that didn’t consume me, didn’t destroy me, and take me away from the many loves and interest I have in my beautiful life. Instead of lifestyle choices and substances that steal my time and ruin my life, I have all I need to keep myself and others healthy, strong, happy. Thank God!!!

With stay-at-home orders, social distancing, lockdowns, restrictions, its easy to fall prey to these evil addictions. Being alone, out of view, isolated, its both easy to be consumed by addiction, and to also not be able to take notice of those you love suffering from addictions. No one can be sure of what is going on behind closed walls, all we can do is love and encourage others to love themselves and choose happiness over pleasure. Its not always what you see, or what it seems. Be a positive role model always.

If I had any addictions in the last years, I would not have time, money, and the focus to do the many things I want and need to do. Addictions take you away from life, your life, derail you of your goals, ambitions, dreams, responsibilities, turning you into someone you’re not, the opposite of “alive”.

I can think of no better time than now, during the pandemic, social distancing from bad influences, misery loves company, no pleasure to seek if most places of pleasure are under shutdown lockdown. No one to ask you to have a drink with. Being home beside your kitchen eliminates any need to eat out take home. Bad friends? Let social distancing do its magic to sift these bad influencers out of your life. Use this pandemic and time of lockdown to eliminate all destructive people and things out of your life.

Be You. Be alive. Choose a sober life. Free yourself from all that does not serve you.

God Bless

Coach George Tsanis

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