Gym Stories My Face Says It All I Hate Public Gyms Squats

Gym Stories My Face Says It All I Hate Public Gyms Squats 
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My face at the end of the video says it all. It does not get any worse than this!!!! Public gym filled with unmotivated, lazy people, hanging out at equipment stations not to exercise but to, you know, hang out, talk to other people that are in the gym for everything except working out. Add to this horrible gym equipment, that fitness centres intentionally buy to keep real hard training members out of the gym, you are ensured that you will never experience a great workout, great results, and be like those people that ‘workout” for 20+ years, but you have clients that have made better ‘gains” in 3 months than these “gym members” have made in decades. Like I said in yesterdays post, you have choices, you can choose to waste your life and time or not.

Rogue Ohio Power bar with thick Rogue Fitness bumper plates, can only load 495 lbs on the bar. Squat workout was over before it began. Future progress? Once you can’t load any more weight on the bar because you just can’t, well, you need to change gym eventually, sooner rather than later.

After decades in the gym, I can tell you horror stories of how gym equipment, and environment, hold your gains back. All this is done intentionally.

The solution was always to have access to what you need to become your best. After gyms have left you gym-less for the past year, and continuing, the best solution is to own your own equipment, own the equipment you need and want, equipment that works with you, not against you.  
As always there is waaaaay more to the story, but this is one of the last times I worked out in a public gym, and my face says it all, maybe its time to get a small gym going at home, I had bigger plans, none that involved Toronto, so a gym was out of the question. God had bigger plans with the pandemic and lockdown shutdown. You can live with or without a gym, its up to you. You can exercise with or without equipment, its up to you.

Me? In August 2001 I promised I would never work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Club ever again in my life. This promise I have kept. I also made a promise long time ago that I would own my own studio, just not in Canada, and once this happens I will never ever have to step foot into a public gym again. You’re not always in control of everything. Now that I have my own gym, in Toronto unfortunately, I now never ever have to step into a public gym. This makes me happy 😊

Coach George Tsanis    

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