St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Time Healthy Food

St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Time Healthy Food
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Dips, not sips 😉

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Thankfully, bars around the world are mostly shutdown lockdown, so this will make it easier, and motivate you to enjoy a fully sober, clean St Paddy’s day, and enjoy it fully without drugs, alcohol, and good healthy food.

With the blessing of not being able to waste life and time at a loud, expensive bar, and social distancing keeping you aware from “friends” that encourage destructive behavior, such as alcohol abuse of course, which is tradition on this day, misery loves company, and St Patrick’s day 2021 is perfect environment to alter the way you celebrate St paddy’s day, and all events that centered around alcohol and drug abuse and miserable people.

Have a beautiful day!

Coach George Tsanis

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