Are You Exercising Less Than, Equal to, or Greater Than Since Global Pandemic Declared?

Are You Exercising Less Than, Equal to, or Greater Than Since Global Pandemic Declared?

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As of today, gyms in Toronto Ontario Canada will have been closed for 281 days out of the last year.

One Year Since Global Pandemic Declared, have you been exercising less than, equal to, or greater than pre-pandemic? Put another way, did you allow the pandemic, with its lockdown, and shutdown of gyms, negatively affect your health and fitness goals and journey? Or did you take the extra time the lockdown and shutdown afforded you and put that extra time and energy into exercising and other healthy habits such as cooking and sleeping?

Missed workout is a missed opportunity to become better. I can tell you as someone who has spent most of my life in gyms, both as an athlete and Coach, I can say with 100% certainty that 99% of the people that miss workouts choose to, decide to miss workout, that was the decision they made. The other 1%? These are the highly dedicated, goal-oriented people that know why they exercise, have deep meaningful goals, and will not allow missed workouts at all, or allow any missed workouts to cause a regression in their current fitness and health levels.

Time is our most valuable commodity. Did you exercise less than, equal to, or greater than in the last year since the pandemic was declared? Considering most people had more time on their hands as many lifestyle choices and habits such as entertainment and restaurants were shutdown, I cannot accept as a Coach how someone would exercise less, or even equal to, when your most valuable commodity was increased by a few extra hours per day, allowing you to do all those things you so often complained “I have no time” for. With the sharp rise in alcohol and drug abuse, social media and porn addiction, sleep loss, processed food, we can clearly see what people decided on, pleasure over happiness, we can also see that many people’s goals don’t align with their actions. Workout Solutions does not allow for missed workouts! I teach my client what to do when gyms, mood, time make a scheduled workout impossible. There are many contingency plans in place to ensure clients are moving towards their goals, not away from it.

Gym shutdown? Its not about the gym, its about the journey and the end goal. Many lazy, unmotivated people that did not have real goals to begin with are blaming “gyms closed” for their lack of exercise and declining fitness levels. Again, its not about the “gym”, and never was! The “gym” was just one of many tools (equipment) to use on your way to achieve your goals. The ‘gym” was never in control, and never will be (unless you choose to make it part of your excuse game)!

What you decide to avoid and allow in your life will determine whether you achieve you goals or not. Once I know my client’s goal(s) I know what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. Whether gyms are shutdown, unavailable, or inaccessible is irrelevant to me once that goal is set, because I know what is required. The gym is not going to be in control of the end goal, your actions are what brings you closer to your goals.

If you find yourself without a gym, no or limited equipment, any limiting factors that the shutdown lockdown may have thrown at you, find out what you can do right now to become your better self. If your goals, wants, needs are strong enough, REAL, I’m sure you to will be joining the 1% that don’t allow for missed workouts, don’t allow for regressing, don’t allow nothing to make yourself worse, and do everything to make yourself better.

Coach George Tsanis

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