Spring Time Outdoor Home Workout No Equipment Sandbag Bodyweight Squats Cardio

Spring Time Outdoor Home Workout No Equipment Sandbag Bodyweight Squats Cardio

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Homemade sandbag filled to its maximum 135 lbs. I determined it will likely rip past this weight, so i keep it at 135 lbs. so I can continue to workout until I A) Have a home gym, and B) Have access to a gym again


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There is NO EXCUSE for getting out of shape! Gyms shutdown? Yoga studio closed? Sports centre not opened? No equipment at home, office, cottage?

As a Coach its my job to ensure my clients are always progressing NO MATTER WHAT!!! Which is why for decades we have advised our clients and athletes to always have a contingency plan for when issues and “problems” arise, we are mentally and physically prepared for it whether its conflicting time scheduling, travelling, gyms closed, equipment not available, travelling to a foreign country with no fitness facilities, and a host of LIFE difficulties that come our way that we MANAGE as to not negatively affect our past and training progress and goals.

Workout Solutions does NOT accept YO YO FITNESS, getting in shape only to lose it later. What is the point of putting so much time and effort to gain something only to lose it???? Horrible way to live, and an unacceptable way to “health”, “fitness” and “performance”, and absolutely a waste of time, effort , and money!!!

With all this talk about “supporting” your local gym, you must ask yourself, how has your gym supported YOU during this gym shutdown? Did they even ever prepare you for remote training for when you cant make it to gym, for when you are away from a gym due to travelling, no equipment, and all the other fun things life throws at us daily, did your “support” local gym, fitness centre, coach, prepare you for these situations? IF NOT, find a team that supports you !!!

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Coach George Tsanis

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