Home Gym Equipment Unboxing Buying Tips and Tricks

Home Gym Equipment Unboxing Buying Tips and Tricks

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I admit, I love spoiling myself and others. Sometimes I just have to have it, and other times I just have to share it or gift it. Many times, after I have it, I forgot I even bought it and have, and others have to remind me of my belongings when they ask a question about it or want to borrow it.

Today’s video is all about happiness, sharing, and investing your time and money into creating that happy, healthy lifestyle for yourself and those around you. Got a new trap deadlift bar to unbox, this is one of those purchases where I am spoiling others. While unboxing my, OUR new toy in the gym, I drop some lifestyle and gym equipment buying tips and tricks that will surely have you rethink, and reshape how you spend your time, money, and help you with future gym equipment purchases.

You can feel the excitement in my voice. My motto for gym equipment is “buy it, share it, gift it”. Its not always about me, or you, the happiness and joy of just having something, even if you don’t need it or want it, but know others will find so much life changing value in it, well, that to me is priceless, and I happy I didn’t waste my time and money in short term pleasure activities, and instead invested in something that will change lives’ for years and decades to come, and I can’t wait to share my bar and joyously and passionately help and observe people of all ages use my new bar, our new toy, to create a better self

Coach George Tsanis

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