Lockdown Challenge Home Workout Resistance Bands Back Rows #COVID19 #lockdown #mentalhealth #Easter

Lockdown Challenge Resistance Bands Back Workout You Can Do at Home

#resistancebands #shoulderworkout #homeworkout

If it doesn’t Challenge you, it doesn’t Change you. Change is good.

For my clients and I, the last year of the gym lockdown shutdown, and today marks the 292nd day of gyms being closed out of the last year, the last year has been an amazingly fun workout training year. Yes, the world stopped, but our workouts fitness journey didn’t, we relish the challenge of using non-traditional lifestyle and training methods to adapt to the new normal and create our new best self. Given up, slowing or even regressing our progress was never an option. Being forced to find new training options that were equal to and better than traditional “gym” exercises made our fitness journey more fun than most people can imagine.

As I have taught for decades now, use the gym as your playground. Imagine new ways to exercise, new movements, new techniques, mind, muscle, body, go deep, explore, practice, and you will come up with new enjoyable ways to stimulate your body in a positive way.

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