Easter Good Friday Home Lockdown Workout

Easter Good Friday Home Lockdown Workout

#Easter2021 #GoodFriday #fitnessmotivation

Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Christ, being with loved ones, lots of delicious rich foods, talking, laughing, sitting, relaxing….

Sitting and relaxing all day, and God forbid all weekend, is a horrible idea for health, and will run counter to your health and fitness goals.

Make it lots of good healthy food, no processed junk, as much as you want or can handle, but…

Also make it a physically demanding weekend to make sure those calories, I’m sure “extra” calories, more than usual for the Easter weekend, make sure these calories find a good role to play this weekend to energize your moving around, you got all day ;), and to help recover from past and current physical activity.

In short, have a fun Easter weekend, just don’t sit around all day eating junk all day and weekend unless you’re intentionally trying to get fatter and out of shape.

Happy Easter

Coach George Tsanis

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