Toronto Ontario Canada Province Shutdown 2021 – Emergency Gym Health Fitness Plan

Toronto Ontario Canada Province Shutdown 2021 – Emergency Gym Health Fitness Plan

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Ontario Canada goes into a 4-week shutdown beginning today, April 3rd, 2021. Ontario Implements Provincewide Emergency Brake, 4-week shutdown lockdown. Gyms will be closed for another guaranteed 28 days, this is in addition to the 295 days total that Toronto gyms have been closed during the past year since the beginning of the pandemic, and of that 295 days 173 have been consecutive since the strong shutdown that began in late November 2020.

Gyms open or closed isn’t what you should focus on, its totally out of your control. What you are in control of is your health and wellbeing, and that means living as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Gyms are closed, but that isn’t a lawful restriction on your ability to exercise, and in fact, with the extra time and stress the pandemic shutdown has given us, exercising more is what I have my clients doing, more, and more frequent, and all are healthier and in better shape than when the pandemic started.

Whether gyms are open or not should not be your concern unless you’re a business owner. You own your body, and your only given one, so its your job to keep your body healthy no matter what challenges arise, and in truth, as a Coach, I didn’t consider the gym shutdown of the last year as a “challenge”, I look at it as more of a “blessing”, we have become stronger and better in the face of adversity.

Please be mindful of the children and senior citizens. My motto is “buy it, share it, gift it”, meaning if you can afford to buy exercise equipment for yourself and others, please do so. If a loved one needs a gift, consider a gift of health that can give health over a long period, fore example exercise equipment that can be used for years on end, and multiple people, shared.

Another 28-day lockdown? Put the breaks on anything that stands in the way of your goals, and health, there is no time to waste, and this video, and the video in link, I present to you a lifelong emergency strategy to break your dependency on gyms, or anyone else, and be able to exercise anytime anywhere NO MATTER WHAT !!!

Coach George Tsanis

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. George Thank you for your words of wisdom as a gym owner, of putting yourself out there to help others in time of need. I have witnessed people hurting and killing others only caring about themselves giving no thought to someone else’s life or needs. The last time we were in a crisis was in 911 and I witnessed people going out of their way to help a total stranger with compassion and empathy. People nowadays only care about themselves and hatred has risen in a way with discrimination that only one race seems to matter more than anyone else’s race. It is so heartbreaking! Will God find Faith and Love when he returns? Where is Brotherly Love? It’s really nice to see you display that compassion for your fellow brother in need. Thank you for writing this wonderful message of sharing and caring for someone else!
    xo, 💖 Charity

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