Toronto Ontario Canada Province Wide Shutdown City Walk in Snow

Toronto Ontario Canada Province Wide Shutdown City Walk in Snow

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EMBARRASING Toronto Ontario Canada Province wide Shutdown. Doug Ford and Trudeau #COVID19 #lockdown causing business collapse, drug addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, Depression, suicide, #mentalhealth misery no hope, no life #healthcare #Jesus

Ontario Canada provincewide stay-at-home shutdown restrictions are said to become stricter in an announcement scheduled for later this day.

As of today, gyms have been closed for 298 days of the last year, and 177 days consecutively.

Walking. In a quick post before I go to bed and many of you start your day, I would like to share an old hobby of mine, and one that many of my clients do if the environment is right, walk, get out and walk, make an excuse to walk, make those opportunities to get walking in multiple times per day, add it as part of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make it interesting, make it difficult as you wish.

Solitude, meditation, “me time”. This is real footage of me walking after work, after shopping, and walking with gym bag, camera bag, shopping bag, on a challenging snow and icy surface. Maybe I’m weird, but I love being aware of what’s going on in the city I’m in, even when travelling, walk, explore, investigate, and “know” where to go according to your moods.

With more restrictions, stay at home, social distancing, no gyms, learning how to be more active as our grandparents did will help us cope with this major stressor, loneliness, boredom, and all the rest that have creped into our life.

Good night / Have a great day.

Coach George Tsanis

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