Toronto Ontario Canada Province Wide Shutdown Get Outside

Toronto Ontario Canada Province Wide Shutdown Get Outside

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EMBARRASING Toronto Ontario Canada Province wide Shutdown. Doug Ford and Trudeau #COVID19 #lockdown causing business collapse, drug addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, Depression, suicide, #mentalhealth misery no hope, no life #healthcare #Jesus

As of today, gyms have been closed for 299 days of the last year, and 178 days consecutively.

To continue with my “walking” post from yesterday, and being aware of your city’s natural character, and explore what your city, or any city you may be in, explore and experience what your current city can offer you. Once you make getting out a part of your life, and I mean getting out for health and happiness, not fast food, donuts, and booze, you will add what serves you in the moment, stimulation or rest, to your current schedule. Rest -Example; I am known to walk around the museums and art galleries many times per month, if not week, and this is my “relaxation” time, quiet, solitude, rejuvenate.

Stimulation – Example; this would be physical activity from extremely easy to challenging. A walk without (easy) or with weight (camera bag, groceries, chains), running, playing with kids, sports, photography, shopping, etc, Know your surroundings.

As illustrated in the video, bodyweight pull-ups, it is not difficult to find a park in a city where chin-ups, pull-ups, step ups and other exercises including somewhere to attach your bands can be performed. Fresh scenery can be quite motivating, so can knowing a wide variety of exercises that requite no equipment that can be done anywhere anytime, something real Coaches such as myself teach, just a s we were taught from amazing coaches and mentors.

We went from a simple walk to a various serious exercise session, all outside, public, free, and can meet up with friends, bring the family. With the new one-month lockout in place that started yesterday, you can be sure gyms won’t open up till May at the earliest, which wont effect you negatively because ONLY you are in control of your fitness journey, not “gyms”, “shutdowns”, and “lockdowns”.

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