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Building my Home Gym Toronto Ontario Canada Emergency Stay at Home Order State of Emergency #homegym #homeworkout #fitnessmotivation

Building my home gym. Got my hands on some more weight plates. Brand new York plates. Couldn’t pass up having more weights in the gym. 2950 pounds in total. I challenged myself to transfer these 2950 lbs. of plates from truck bed to my garage gym floor in under 15 minutes. I had to load these same plates into the truck hours earlier. Did I move all the weight plates in under 15 minutes? Watch the video to find out.

State of emergency being called here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Essential travel only.

As of today, gyms in Toronto have been closed for 300 days out of the last year, and 179 consecutively. With new restrictions piling up consistently, its safe to assume the worse, that is gyms will not be opening anytime soon, and most likely after summer 2021 at the earliest.

Build your gym. Whatever you can afford, whatever you have space for, there is a “solution” if you want one. Waiting for gyms to reopening is insanity!!! Finding a solution to our challenges is strength and power. Strength and power, don’t let nothing take this away from you.

Again, please build your gym, whatever you can 😊

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