Eleiko XF Bar Squats with VULCANO PLATES and Chains #COVID19 #lockdown #Health #WorldHealthDay #mentalhealth #Jesus

Eleiko XF Bar Squats with VULCANO PLATES and Chains

#Gymlife #Eleiko #legday

EMBARRASING As of today, gyms in Toronto Canada closed 301 days out of last year, 179 days consecutively, Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau forced to stay home lockdown, no family, no business, no hope, no life, BRING YOUR FITNESS HOME !!!

With the interest in home gyms exploding over the last year, I’m blessed to have extensive experience working with a wide variety of gym equipment ranging from low quality useless junk, to must haves for most people. Its a great feeling helping people, especially families, design and set up a personalized home gym.

We are now where most people needed to be right from the beginning, and that is exercising anytime, anywhere, and not being dependent on gyms. as they say, you can either choose to, or be forced to change.

As a Coach its a beautiful time in our industry witnessing people purchase equipment that is better than the standard gym quality equipment that has many limitations, limiting your progress, which necessitates finding or buying better equipment to suit your needs sooner or later. No better time than the present.

Be inspired

Coach George Tsanis

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