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How Many Push Ups

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How many push ups can you do…? In a set? In a workout?

With gyms being shutdown for over a year now, my question to everyone concerned about health, fitness, “gyms’, is “how many push ups have you done in the last year”?

In the last year, gym access or not, you could have hundreds and thousands of push ups! Do you not believe that doing push ups, frequently, consistently, daily, every day, a few times a day, a few times a week, over and over again, would result in a more chiseled, stronger, conditioned body from head to toe?

There are many physiological reasons why a bodyweight exercise such as the push ups, that can be performed anytime anywhere, would result in a more healthier physically conditioned body, unfortunately all social media platforms such as twitter, YouTube, Instagram, even my WordPress hide my posts, which would make my explanation as worthwhile as talking to the wall, and to add to that I have jealous people that view all my work and never “like”, which also puts me out of favour with social media platforms. Social media likes people that endorse donuts, alcohol, movies, junk food, and the like, hate health professionals such as me that tell you not to waste time and money on worldly things, and do what you can right now in the moment.

I think with gyms being shutdown for over the last year, if you haven’t already done so, start doing push ups, daily, frequently, consistently, and watch your body and mind change for the better.

Today marks 304 days of the last year that gyms in Toronto Ontario Canada have been shutdown lockdown, 183 days consecutively.

I have not met too many people in my life that had an excuse for not doing push ups. With gyms shutdown, and the need for exercises with no equipment that can be done anywhere anytime, you have one more good reason why you should be doing push ups.

Focus on what you can do, push ups and other exercises that don’t require equipment can be found on my page.

Coach George Tsanis  

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