Workout Wednesday Gym Life Motivation Know Your WHY #COVID19 #lockdown #Jesus #mentalhealth #Ramadan

Workout Wednesday Gym Life Motivation Know Your WHY

Do you know your WHY, WHY you are in the gym, WHY you exercise?

Look at my face, body language, focused, determined…my face says it all, I know WHY I am in the gym. 

My WHY has little to do with the “gym” and traditional gym exercises, my WHY has greater to do with outside the gym, my needs and wants to live the lifestyle I choose. My WHY for being in the gym is to prepare me mentally and physically for the real world.  

Let me explain; most of my clients do not come to me to add another 50-100 pounds on their bench, squat, and deadlift, rather all of my clients work towards meaningful and purposeful goals and needs that are focused outside the gym, for example maintaining and gaining strength and conditioning in senior years for health, to play sports they couldn’t focus on when they were working full time, playing with grandchildren, being independent of caregiver, etc.

The harder, and wiser you work in the gym, the more you will get back with your needs, hobbies, and interests outside the gym.   

Many people ask me my experience with transitioning clients from in gym to no gym.

Let me answer first by mentioning that part of my program is to ensure my clients never miss a workout, and this will require knowledge of doing bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, yoga, stretching, and range from zero equipment to well equipped home gyms. So, the ‘transition” from being prepared to workout anytime anywhere was always put in place.

The real question is whether people allowed themselves to ‘transition” from a better physical and mental state to a worse physical and mental shape over the course of the pandemic and shutdown.

 IF your WHY was meaningful, purposeful, powerful enough, you would not allow yourself to regress, get worse, weaker, deconditioned, physically and mentally less capable than you need to be for the real world, you know, go up the stairs alone, play with the grandkids, fun recreational activities you live for, you just would not stop exercising, using exercises that give you this strength and power to be and do what you want.  

I ONLY work with people that have a meaningful purposeful WHY. My clients joy is my joy.

Know your WHY!

Have a great workout and day!

Coach George Tsanis

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