Gym Life Motivation NO PAIN NO GAIN

Gym Life Motivation NO PAIN NO GAIN

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You may not notice it, but I’m in EXTREME PAIN!!! Feeling “achy” all over, with extreme pain in my right hip. What you probably see is me enjoying myself and looking forward to each rep which makes me better in multiple ways.

In a world where “its ok” to give up…. excuses ranging from “lockdown”, “social distancing”, and the new favourite, “mental health”, some of us choose the path of joy and survival.

At the time of this video I had no clue why this pain come on so soon, overnight, I had ideas of “why” and “how”, but will keep them to myself as I don’t want to encourage self diagnosis, but at the time of this video I was going through so much stress, external, people making my life difficult, being put in a position where I had to rearrange things, yes, overnight, and when I’m stress I go to what heals me, what strengthens me, because if I don’t I will get weaker, I will not achieve my goals, I will not be living with purpose…

Being in control of your destiny. No matter what the pain, if you do not fight through the “pain” there will be no gains.

In a world that is modernly designed to control you to be weak, confused, and frustrated, learn to gravitate towards what makes you happy and strong, even if its painful, it still feels good.

Do everything to make yourself better, and nothing to make yourself worse.

Coach George Tsanis

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