Back to School Morning Outdoor Weighted Cardio Rogue Fitness Fat Boy Sled Workout

Back to School Morning Outdoor Weighted Cardio Rogue Fitness Fat Boy Sled Workout

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Good morning ☀️Having a beautiful refreshing outdoor workout with my #ryourogue sled 🛷 Amazing fun first thing in morning 🥳

I must admit, my urge to create content upon rising this morning was mind blowing. Strength and Conditioning is my life, and I love sharing this part of me with everyone. Unfortunately, even after 10 + years of posting content on various social media channels such as YouTube, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, ALL of them still hide my posts, shadow ban, which renders my desire and intentions to help useless.

I bring this up because it is both painful to me to not be able to help, because of the shadow ban, and painful knowing that if I do make “helpful’ content, its only to satisfy my own desires to create something, but painful knowing it will not radiate to the people that need my help.

It was an amazingly fun workout today, a bit colder than usual, but fresh crisp air, park, morning crowd, happy animals, and lots of non-stop movement, and takes little effort to press record and post the video hoping and praying someone will see it.

Pains me right now as there is so much to explain what is going on in this video, the how’s and whys, and how you can apply them to your exercise program and lifestyle. That would make me happy, but these posts are more about you than me, its about the people I’m trying to reach.

I love posting content, its exciting, and as an observer I can see where trends are and heading, and can steer people in the right direction as “trends” are usually not favorable, which is why I am maybe emotional right now as the fitness industry, and maybe most of the world, seems to be getting worse by accepting “laziness”…and laziness brings not only lack of results, but regressions, but hey, lets blame it on something else other than us. sometimes we are in control (laziness), and sometimes we are not (shadow ban).

Creating better bodies. Hopefully with some luck and your support the shadow ban walls will break down, and I can have fun making content you can readily apply.

Have a fun Day!

Coach George Tsanis

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