First Day of Summer Morning Rogue Fitness Sled Cardio Outdoor Workout Part 2

First Day of Summer Fathers Day Morning Rogue Fitness Sled Cardio Outdoor Workout

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Fathers’ day 2021. First day of summer. Having fun getting in my exercise before starting my day filled with love, meaning, purpose, joy, and of course, FOOD!!!!

The best gift in life is HEALTH and LOVE.

I pray this post inspires and motivates you to give the gift of health and love by being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and in the spirit of ‘health’, and gift considerations, before the pandemic and especially during and post pandemic, I have been recommending all “gifts” to be health enhancing and may be used by multiple people such as family members and friends.

Exercise equipment is the best investment these days. You get back what you give, all that hard work, blood, sweat, and tears will make you, and your loved ones physically and mentally stronger.

Fitness equipment = BUY IT. SHARE IT. GIFT IT.

Be mindful of what you spend your money and time on, especially “gifts”, are they health enhancing, or health destroying.

Have a unforgettable fathers day 2021, and an amazing summer 2021.

Coach George Tsanis

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