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#MondayMotivaton #Gymlife #summertime

Send this to your favorite “Body Transformation Coach” that recommends stopping sets way short of failure, for example 7 RPE, frequent deloads, and other “training” protocols designed to keep you weak, small, out of shape and keep you as a customer for life.

The level of intensity as demonstrated in this video by an old man, Me, is the level of intensity to cause dynamic changes in body composition, strength, and enhanced all round fitness qualities.

Stopping sets short of failure on purpose because some online “coach” told you so goes against everything we know about exercise physiology.

Real Coaches teach you how to train hard for optimal goal achievement. “Coaches” of today are teaching how to avoid hard work. You get back what you give.

Anything less than 100% effort is cheating yourself from becoming your best. You can’t fake hand work. You see the results of hard work. Hard work is addicting once you see the results. 100% = MAXIMUM RESULTS.

Once you know what hard work is, what maximum gains is, you enjoy the challenge of workouts, exercise, sports. You know where to take yourself = TO THE LIMITS !!!! Becoming better is a choice.

Anything less than 100% is unacceptable.

Have a great Monday and a safe, fun, productive week.

Coach George Tsanis

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