St Lawrence Market Toronto Canada Walking Tour Lockdown

St Lawrence Market Toronto Canada Walking Tour Lockdown
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The Historic St Lawrence market I consider my home. I never pass up an opportunity to shop or walk in what many, including myself, consider one of the best food markets in the world. Unplanned video, but with lockdown restrictions easing, I hope to never have to walk this market so empty of people and excitement, truly unbelievable, which is one reason for this sad walking tour, hard to believe how empty and lifeless the market, and ourselves can become overnight.

Praying for better days ahead.

I always encourage people to visit this stunning Toronto St Lawrence Market. I accept no excuses for not experiencing this market as a tourists. For those that live in Toronto, southern Ontario, and frequently visit Toronto but have not yet experienced one of the best markets in the world, shame on you 🙁

I frequently bring the young and old here. The kids love it, and the oldies love the traditional flavor within these walls. BRING THEM !!!!

Have a fun day

Coach George Tsanis

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