Gyms Reopening Toronto Ontario Canada Welcome Back

Gyms Reopening Toronto Ontario Canada Welcome Back
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Who will be grinding and sweating in the gym on the first day reopening? GET IN THERE !!!!!

All in all, gyms have been closed for a total of 395 days since the beginning of the pandemic began in March 2020, and for 273 days straight since the last lockdown came in effect late last November. Whatever it was that you learned from the gym lockdown, and the lockdown in general, I hope you learned not to depend on anyone, or any ‘service provider”, I hope and pray the lockdown made you stronger, more resilient, wiser, and most of all more independent and self efficient. I wish no business and service had to be under lockdown, no one is above anyone, we all need to live, but the lockdown did happen, is happening in other parts of the world, so please learn and adapt.

If the gyms are open, please get in there and make yourself stronger, healthier, support you local gyms, trainers, and businesses, and work towards making the “new normal” as best we possibly can.

Stay strong!

Coach George Tsanis

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