Gyms are Dead The Death of the Gym Fitness Industry

Gyms are Dead The Death of the Gym Fitness Industry

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All in all, gyms have been closed for a total of 395 days since the beginning of the pandemic began in March 2020, and for 273 days straight since the last lockdown came in effect late last November. Whatever it was that you learned from the gym lockdown, and the lockdown in general, I hope you learned not to depend on anyone, or any ‘service provider”, I hope and pray the lockdown made you stronger, more resilient, wiser, and most of all more independent and self efficient.

If the gyms are open, please get in there and make yourself stronger, healthier, support you local gyms, trainers, and businesses, and work towards making the “new normal” as best we possibly can.

Stay strong!

Coach George Tsanis

This video is a repost from last summer, filmed July 31st 2020, the first time lockdown restrictions were eased since the pandemic and shutdown started in March 2020, gyms were “allowed” to open on this day, but doors were shut a few weeks later, then allowed to open with restrictions for a few weeks, then the hammer came down end of November 2020 where gyms have been closed ever since, until today, July 16 2021, where gyms are open but with many “safety restrictions”.

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The pandemic proved how fast we can lose access to what is extremely important to us. One such importance is keeping healthy via workouts, sports, exercise. During the shutdown, 4+ months, gyms and fitness facility were shut down, no access to continue our fitness and sport journey.

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach for close to three decades, I have always taught the importance of not missing workouts. One of the best ways not to miss workouts is to master exercising outside of the gym. My clients know how to workout anywhere anytime, and they not only do, but they must in order not to miss workouts.

Gym shutdowns proved that relying on gyms and fitness centres for our exercise and sports needs proves to be unreliable at best. 4 months of closed gyms is a lot of time not to exercise or play a sport. Have people learned anything from this shutdown? Or does a second and third shutdown need to happen until people get it that….

1) You can not always make it to the gym, fitness centre, sporting arena, therefore you need a back up contingency plan in place for those to ensure you continue exercise, workout, play, and practice, not depending on one location, or club for your fitness needs. Having exercise equipment at home, in the car office, or wherever you have access to it in case changes need to be made is a great insurance policy to making sure you can always be active, no matter what.

2) Gym shutdowns proved that your investment into working out, exercise, sports, whatever you play can all be lost with extended downtown. Just like the stock market you don’t put all your money into one stock, you diversify. Gyms are not to be trusted with your performance journey. You are to be in charge 100% of the time of where and how you can train. Don’t let gyms take that power away from you.

3) New normal rules such as booking appointments, waiting in lines outside the gym, wearing a mask, no water service, no change rooms, no talking to others, workout time limits, physical distancing, no moving from workout area, are some of the new long list of rules and regulations you must follow, not to mention exposing yourself to a dirty environment where you could contract a virus.

In summary, gyms are dead. Gyms died the moment the shutdown was extended past a point where it effected people’s health, progress, mental health, and investment of time and money. Spending all that time getting in shape only to be forced to lose your progress. Investment into expensive gym memberships only to have no equipment during forced shutdown.

Solution? As I have taught for decades, your day to day scheduling, mood, energy, change, therefore so does your workouts, especially where you workout. Having multiple gym memberships is one strategy we employ at Workout Solutions, this helps with having access to different scenery and equipment but doesn’t solve the problem of time and access. Time and access require you to own equipment, from basic resistance bands, skipping rope, medicine balls, to dumbbells, sandbags, and possibly a nice home gym. Equipment you have access to 24/7 no matter what.

Gyms are dead, and if you don’t agree that fine, but can we agree that gyms have proven unreliable to our health, fitness, sporting needs, therefore the only gym that wont shutdown and die is the one you invest in, your own equipment and gym?

Coach George Tsanis

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