I love inspiring people to work harder in the gym, FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE workouts and programming. This morning witness too many people (ok, ok, woman) doing bodyweight squats with what I would bet my life on WASNT CHALLENGING!!!! I just completed a full squat workout, so doing chained bodyweight squats was not in the program, actually long and heavy Sled work was to be done after squats for some cardio conditioning and get some volume in as I have a big eating day ahead, BUT the turf is reserved so I cannot do the sled, always be ready for the contingency plan when a scheduled exercise cannot be performed, I took the opportunity to do something I haven’t done in a few months, bodyweight squats with chains for extra resistance, I can get my cardio work, and the females that are doing bodyweight squats with the pink dumbbells are sure to get inspired after watching me grind it out.

Rarely does a day go by when someone doesn’t comment on how hard my clients and I train. If you watched us train you know we put our heart and soul into our training. That explains why we are in the best shape of our life. Hard work, dedication, giving 100%, and keeping it FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE.

You wont progress unless you challenge yourself. Yes any “exercise” is better than no exercises, but I teach and inspire others to use the most effective methods to get the most value out of their time and effort in the gym. I’m glad I recorded this set of squats, I had many onlookers, not unusual for people to watch me, but its such a common exercise, and a great one, that is done in such an ineffective way with light weights, not high enough reps, and I am posting this video to inspire as many people as possible to do this bodyweight squat more effectively, look for new fun and effective exercises, and get the most progress for your time and effort in the gym and be in the best health and conditioning of your life NOW!

1) One of the best “conditioning” exercises you can do. Skip the treadmill and do 100 rep squats and see how your body composition and conditioning change for the best!
2) No equipment needed. Can be done anywhere anytime. 3) In the future I will teach you when and how my clients use this exercise specifically to drop lots of fat and get in shape fast. Someone remind me just in case I forget 😉

Have a great workout and a beautiful weekend

Coach George Tsanis

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