Never Skip Leg Day! Bodyweight Workout Dumbbell Step Ups

Never Skip Leg Day! Bodyweight Workout Dumbbell Step Ups
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A missed workout is a missed opportunity to become better. A Missed leg workout is a total step back!!!

The best advice I got 30 years ago from Coaches and athletes was “NEVER SKIP LEG DAY SON”!!!! Looking back, this is not only one of the best advices that has stood the test of time since forever, it’s the advice I most pass on to anyone that asks or needs to hear this supper effective training strategy.

Wednesday and Saturday is my “leg Day’. I NEVER EVER MISS LEG DAY NO MATTER WHAT !!!!

Never say “never”. Yesterday was the first time in over 5 years that I can recall missing a scheduled leg workout ☹. MY FAULT!!! I’m totally in control of my life and should have managed my time better to accommodate a busier, fun filled day. Always a solution to making it “work”, and missing workouts, especially leg workouts is a FAIL!!!!

Failing is not a ““failure”” if we learn from it, adapt, and fix whatever damaged occurred. This is me this morning finishing up my leg workout, which should have been Chest back and abs today, but since I missed my scheduled leg day yesterday, I MUST train my wheels today, my, OUR, most important muscles, because If I don’t, I will regress. Look horrible, feel miserable, BUT if I don’t train my legs today I will feel MORE horrible, miserable, weaker, and wasted my time from past workouts. I’m not letting myself get “worse”.

Do everything to make yourself better and nothing to make yourself worse!!! THIS IS A RULE NOT AN OPTION!!!! None of my clients “miss workouts”, and I assure you I would never allow a missed leg day to be uncompleted.

Unlike the HORRIBLE LIFE WASTING advice you commonly see from Fitness and health “experts” that encourage you to watch all their videos, listen to podcasts all day, like, subscribe, share, eat out when we know you wont be satisfied and you cant afford it, eat “cheat days” when we know it will get you fat, alcohol consumptions when we know with absolute certainty that alcohol kills muscles and brain cells, conflicting training advice that will keep you weak, fat, out of shape such as RPE of 7 which is basically stopping a set short of any effective stimuli, taking ‘deloads” when you haven’t earned it yet, and other stupid and unproven advice that is designed to keep you more confused, therefore you can listen to their podcasts and videos all day to see what you don’t “know”, when in fact you probably know all you need to KNOW!!!!


Have a great day

Coach George Tsanis

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