Caught on Camera Baker’s Cyst Rupture Home Exercise Rehab Program Full Workout

Caught on Camera Baker’s Cyst Rupture Home Exercise Rehabilitation Program

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FULL VIDEO Caught on Camera Baker’s Cysts Ruptures During Exercise

Many of you are asking “what happened”? Caught on film, so see for yourself. Muscles, tendons, ligaments are all fine, and actually got great compliments from the medical staff that took great care of me and examined the ultrasound scan and X-rays.

Not only was this “injury” NOT exercise training or programming related, as I said all along, BUT scans and tests confirm that my training has done an amazing job strengthening and conditioning my ligaments, tendons, muscles. Notably the orthopedic surgeon was amazed at how aligned my muscles fibers were, and says whatever may have happened, he suspects my properly aligned muscle fibers, strong tendons and ligaments and conditioned body protected me from something more major.

I can only describe this feeling as an EXPLOSION!!! Bakers cysts ruptures are mostly described as a “POP”. This is my second experience with Bakers Cyst, on my right leg in 2017 and left leg April 7 2019. An “EXPLOSION”, a “BOMB” going off is exactly how I would describe it.

I’m not sure Bakers Cysts can be avoided, but its a good idea to make sure your lifestyle and exercise program isn’t making things worse now and in the future. Having a strong and conditioned body head to toe, with no weak points, “disorganized” this, and “misaligned” that, will help you with any “injury” you have to face and recovery from. I could also include healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep and nutrition that will help avoid injuries and help with recovery, but that’s not the purpose of this post, showing you what happened, as caught on camera is the purpose of this post.

For those of you following and keeping in touch the last month while I was “injured”, you know that I was still active, exercising lightly with exercises and muscle groups that don’t cause me pain, stretching, mobility, movement, more rest since I was home, reduced work schedule, and had extra time to add recovery methods. Of course, good food will help you with healing of injuries. Now take everything I just wrote in this paragraph and do the opposite; horrible exercise program, no light exercise or movement while at home injured, no added rest and recovery methods, and probably more time to eat more junk food while laying on the couch all day. Ironically, this is what MOST people do, everything to make themselves worse, or at best just prolong the injury process.

Think about that the next time your favourite online celebrity fitness star shows off about all that “yummy” junk food they eat. Observe how fast they age. Observe how often they get injured. Observe that that have a more practical and sound exercise program, with good nutrition and lifestyle habits, observe how fast these people age and how often they get injured. Just saying 😉

You only got one body in this life, Take care of yourself

Coach George Tsanis

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