Hard Labor Work Sledgehammer Cardio

Hard Labor Work Sledgehammer Cardio

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Do you even know how “hard” hard work is?

Farming, construction, moving, roofing, just to name a few physically hard demanding jobs. If you have never done any of these or other physically demanding jobs, you should go get a firsthand experience, a lesson in life, a lesson in HARDWORK.

Most people don’t know what handwork is, they have nothing to measure their gym and sports achievements against.

Go out in the real world and see how your strength and endurance match up against the most demanding jobs, then come back and honestly tell me if 1) You think your in as good shape as you “thought” you were, and 2), If you now, after performing hard labor, you can still claim that you “train hard”?

Its great to be humbled

Coach George Tsanis

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