Fun Times at the Gym Safety Bar Box Squats with Chains Bands

Fun Times at the Gym Safety Bar Box Squats with Chains Bands
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As a Coach, maybe I get too emotional when I don’t see people having a fun, safe, and productive time in the gym and fitness journey. It really does hurt me. The lockdown has been a blessing to me as now I am not forced to be around and absorb the dangerous practices and mental health issues that have poured into the health and fitness arena.

Back when I was a kid, the gym was our “play time’, having fun, testing ourselves, togetherness, mindfulness, discipline, becoming stronger mentally and physically.

Nothing has changed in my practice, as if my prescribed workouts were not fun, safe, and productive I would probably be out of a Coaching job or attract clients that I probably wouldn’t enjoy training. The world and life have become more stressful, and I would blame social media here more than anything else, especially with workouts and fitness journey NOT being fun, safe, and productive.

The false expectations of performance enhanced fitness models have given us a false sense of hope to what we can never achieve, yet people still emulate these “fake’ health fitness influencers in what has morphed into more of a fantasy rather than reality, and stress over joy, and a fitness journey built on anything but fun, safe, and productive.

Following fitness and health influencers that are obviously ‘enhanced”? is there a particular reason why you are looking for “useful” information from cheaters than honest influencers?

Workouts, and life, are not FUN when you are shown something more of a fantasy (performance enhanced) rather than something realistic (not performance enhanced).

Life, and gym time are so fun, safe, productive, joyous, meaningful, purposeful when you learn to be that kid again and turn the gym into your playground.

Please learn how to PLAY and have FUN again if this has been stolen from by our “modern world”

Have fun

Coach George Tsanis

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