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Rogue Fitness 2021 Price Increase No Better Time to Buy Gym Equipment
#RogueFitness #homegym #gymmotivation

Rogue Fitness pulled the trigger hard on a massive price increase this month. Friday September 10, 2021, seen many gym equipment go up anywhere from 10 – 30% higher in price. This is devastating to many that are “saving up’ for gym equipment.

My general recommendation for the past year and a half is buy what is available and what you can afford. Unfortunately, these two don’t always intersect.

In 2020 most gym equipment was out of stock. Since around April 2021 I see the ‘stock” issue is mostly resolved and you can get anything you want and can afford.

Can you afford to wait? For most of us, buying gym equipment is equivalent to buying a house, where we need it (health, hobby, joy), but can’t outright afford it, but need to jump in the market to lock in the price.

Gym equipment owners, much like homeowners, see the value of their investment appreciate with every price increase. Gym equipment prices, much like real estate prices, is far outpacing what we can save up for.

As I have been saying since the beginning of the pandemic, there is no better time to buy gym equipment than now, as the price will never be lower as what you currently see, and just like that, shipping cost, steel costs, labor, shutdowns, so many unpredictable factors in today’s economy bring chaos to prices for goods and services.

You can’t afford to wait. Saving for gym equipment has now become a thing of the past. Lock in your price before the next price increase. Build your gym however mild or wild you wish to invest physically, mentally, and financially.

Good luck

Coach George Tsanis

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