Rogue Fitness Home Garage Gym Autumn Winter Training Clean Up

Rogue Fitness Home Garage Gym Autumn Winter Training Clean Up
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Winter is almost here, and with that indoor only garage gym workouts will get tighter, darker, colder, and probably longer.

Lots of readjustments and reorganizing where current equipment should go for more safer and ease of use.

Boxes and tubes that are not needed and may be a danger are to be thrown out. Because the majority of training will be indoors (unless you like squatting outside while it snows, and many do), be mindful of what equipment if any will enhance your training experience and goals, order these ASAP to beat the Christmas Holiday delivery rush.

With winter indoor training, many exercises that you were able to perform with more available space, outdoors, and making extra room by taking equipment out of gym and outdoors, isn’t an option for winter training, so now, weeks before winter, investigate which exercises must be eliminated, and which exercises will most effectively take their place.

The new gym layout, garbage out, new exercises in, winter snow, Christmas time, Holidays, new equipment, all provide for an motivating change to recharge your training program, and breath new life into your home gym.

Coach George Tsanis

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