Toronto Canada Tallest Christmas Tree 2021 #Shorts

Canada Tallest Christmas Tree 2021 Toronto Eaton Centre #Shorts
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108 feet tall, biggest and tallest in Canada.

It is one of my least favorite trees in Toronto, boring lights, no ornaments, and same style as the last few years = meaning no one has given orders to make this tree better than last year, which is why the Eaton Centre tree is one of the worst Christmas tree in Canada.

Usually they place advertising in and around the tree, for example Jaguar, Fido, salespeople hounding you while you are trying to enjoy Christmas vibe (almost impossible in an atheist country like Canada). Because of the current worldwide landscape, their was only one advertising promotion going on in-front of the tree on upper third level.

Another reason why I dislike the Eaton Centre is that they quickly take out the tree after Christmas, a few days later. Many Christians in Toronto Canada celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January.

lastly, Eaton Centre was known to have the Swarovski Christmas Tree. Commercialized I know, but was a stunning tree you could admire over and over again with each visit. Toronto has not played host to the Swarovski tree for many years, and doubt this lifeless city will enjoy the sparkle it once had, so we are left with a boring Christmas tree that no-one, including the people that designed it, care about.

How is the rest of the mall you ask? Well, as you can see, if the Eaton Centre management don’t care to impress you with a stunning Christmas tree, to at least encourage you to visit for the Christmas Holiday Season, you can just imagine how BORING the rest of the year in the mall must be.

Eaton Centre at one time was ‘something”, Especially Christmas time when both Eaton’s and the bay would compete full out during Christmas, now its more of a place to remember how nice it was, and how bad it has become…and I would guess “intentionally”.

My Prediction = Like anything of value in Toronto Canada, it is ONLY valuable if its a condominium. Stacking people high in the sky in micro living quarters with monthly maintenance fees, and other recurring fees our satanic government can force on people, is of more “value” than a shopping mall, park, restaurants, schools, entertainment. I believe the Eaton Centre is on an intentionally downward path history, replaced with a few condos along Younge street, to make the rich richer, and the poop poorer, and with nowhere to go.

If you value your time, skip this tree, and better yet, skip this mall altogether

Coach George Tsanis

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