Rogue Fitness USA Olympic Weight Plates Normal, or Damaged #Shorts

Rogue Fitness USA Olympic Weight Plates Normal, or Damaged #Shorts

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Brand new Rogue USA Plates, Made in America, but too many blemishes, dents, chips.

Anyone have experience with these plates, or any Rogue steel plates with these types of blemishes, dents, and chips? I haven’t seen this type of damaged on any good quality plates ever!!!

In a dispute with Rogue, customer service manager says there or “normal” for cast iron plates.

Out of 9 plates with “damages” in the effects of blemishes, chips, dents, Rogue is only offering a $75 rebate on 2 plates, the rest are “normal”.

These dents, chips, blemishes are anything but normal, and these plates, and maybe this series of plates, don’t exactly give me the confidence that these plates will last a few years without serious dents and chips. Bought these as my “forever” plates, but I honestly don’t think Rogues “finest series we’ve ever developed” will last the 2-3 decades of the many Ivanko’s, Eleiko’s, and even classical machined Yorks that have endured use and abuse for decades.

Brand new, I have NOT used them, straight from box to tree, and disappointed in how the plates arrived, disgusted in the customer service I am receiving = 10 days to receive a reply, no explanation what this damage is, and telling me this is “normal” when my 4+ decades in the gym says otherwise.


Thank you

Coach George Tsanis

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