Rogue’s “finest” series of weight plates ever developed?

My Rogue USA Olympic plates arrived in what I would describe clearly “damaged”, or at best, simply “UNACCEPTABLE”. Scratches, blemishes, chips, holes, craters are what many of my plates have straight out of the box.

Rogue Fitness customer service response to my issue is best described as IGNORED!!!!!

Rogue Fitness customer service manager is trying to convince me that these plates, which I consider “damaged” and definitely “UNACCEPTABLE”, are NORMAL!!!!

Please watch the video, would anyone with any gym equipment experience consider these Rogue USA Olympic plates to have arrived to a customer, me, in “satisfactory” condition? Is it “normal” to see weight plates in such condition at gyms?

Would you be satisfied with purchasing Premium “finest” plates that arrived with dents, craters, scratches, chips?

After looking at the Rogue USA Plate website page, are chips, scratches, dents, and craters how you would expect your “finest” plates to arrive?

Doing my best to resolve this issue, I emailed Rogue with initial complaint on January 24, did not receive a response till February 2nd. My last email to Rogue was February 11 with a few “resolutions”, I have not heard back from “customer service”. IGNORED?

Perhaps the owner of Rogue Fitness, Bill Henniger, would like to state publicly, that my USA Olympic Plates are in fact of “normal” quality, what customers should expect, and the quality displayed in the ads is not a true reflection of the quality that may be delivered to customer. My plates don’t exhibit the same level of quality as the advertisements.

Mr. Henniger can also publicly comment on the customer service I am receiving, which currently is IGNORED!!! Is it “normal” to wait 9, or +12 days for a resolution response?

Not a satisfied customer   

Coach George Tsanis

With +25 years of Strength and Conditioning Coaching, designing, and consulting over 100 gyms of various sizes and budgets, I can never be convinced my plates with chips, dents, scratches, craters arrived in “normal” condition, this is crazy to suggest this nonsense.

I have reached out to many experts in the field, gym equipment manufacturers, gym owners, salespeople, repair people, and not one, none suggested my plates were ‘normal”!!!! Because there NOT!!!

Rogue customer service = January 24 to February 2 is 9 days waiting for a response, a response that led to know resolution. My last email to Rogue, with 2-3 real resolutions, including having my damaged plates replaced with plates that more closely resemble what I see in the ad on the webpage, and I offered to share shipping costs as I would like more change plates, and possibly a Monster cage and accessories. I thought consolidating my exchanged weights with a new order would benefit Rogue and I for time, money, and better for the environment. NO RESPONSE YET = 12 DAYS IGNORED!!!
Is this “normal” customer service?

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