Sunday Weekend Morning Home Gym Fitness Workout Inspiration Motivation #Shorts

Sunday Weekend Morning Gym Fitness Workout Inspiration Motivation #Shorts

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Bring it all here!!!

What inspires and motivates you to hit the gym hard???

Don’t leave nothing outside, bring it all in !!!!

Gym equipment, which I interchangeably call my “tools” and “toys”. Tools I use to better myself, toys I use to “play” and “have fun”.

Music or not? For me it depends, either way, my focus is on the desired goal that workout. If i’m not in control of the music, as in for example a commercial gym, I will definitely wear headphones whether I have music playing or not just to block out music and sounds I don’t care to hear, especially music I can’t stand LOL

Lights – remind me of special occasions, such as Christmas, special nights, cities I have travelled to all over the world, clubs and dancing. Light is energy 🙂

Clothes = being comfortable is easier at home gym than commercial gym, so bring that in. Have a fun day

Coach George Tsanis

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