Monday Fitness Gym Workout Bodyweight Training Calisthenics Motivation

Monday Motivation Fitness Gym Workout Bodyweight Training Calisthenics #mondaymotivation #workout #gymmotivation

Who is exercising today NO MATTER WHAT!?!?!

Taking it “easy” versus training “hard” in the “modern” world. Sometimes, maybe by human nature, people choose to do “easy” things versus ‘hard” things. “Easy” doesn’t have to be unproductive. Knowing when to go easy while still making progress is part of the art and science of exercise program design. The old man in this video, me, showed up to the gym with great intentions, a planned workout, but you never know what will happen, mood, energy, equipment availability, and so on, so you should always have a contingency program where fitness capacity is still raised somewhere.

Deck Squats = full body workout, raising my work capacity in strength, endurance, flexibility, mind body awareness – focusing on what I am doing instead of watching my 10000th squat video on Instagram.

The physical and mental toughness enhances my physical preparation for future workouts, unlike doing wasteful exercise with “effort” that doesn’t cross the threshold of intensity to elicit a positive training response.

Athlete social media influencers in Powerlifting, CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting pushing “easier” workouts, deloads, stopping sets earlier than they should be, and other irrational training and lifestyle protocols, remember these people are probably on performance enhancing drugs (cheating), probably sponsored (selling you something), and probably training is a full time job unlike the majority of normal people that have to fight hard to make time for workouts.

Being lazy never got anyone anywhere.

Training “easy” is absolutely recommended, has its place in training, but ONLY if that “easy’ leads to GAINS, anything else is a waste of time and life.

These beautiful weight plates are the Eleiko Vulcano plates, I would say one of the best plates out there for both commercial and home gyms

Take a look at the imperfect USA Olympic weight plates Rogue fitness sent me

Have a fun week

Coach George Tsanis

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