On March 3, 2022, Rogue Fitness asked me through email if I could write a review, “Let us know what you think!”

SURE!!!! 😊 Of course, Sir, I would love too!!!!!! 😊

As many of you know through my posts, my Rogue USA Olympic Plates, made in the USA, Rogue’s “finest” plates to date, arrived in unsatisfactory condition, unacceptable condition, chips, dents, blemishes, craters, and R’s that look to be carved out with a Swiss army knife.

Rogue Fitness claims the said imperfections are “normal”.


As bad as the plates were, Rogue Fitness customer service manager Tyler treated me to the worst customer service I have experienced in my entire 49 year old life, and still ongoing as Rogue Customer service has not put much effort into resolving my issue, instead focusing on dragging this on, bullying me, forcing me to accept damaged plates, humiliating me, and wasting my valuable time $$$ amongst everything else bad he can create for me to make sure I never forget this experience, to make sure I am never a “customer” again”, and to make sure I warn people about my experiences with Rogue.

My review? As I suspected, it wouldn’t be published, which is why I recorded it, and will be posting it online so everyone can witness a real review from a Coach that actually operates private gyms for a living, uses equipment, owns equipment, real world experience, and unlike many gym equipment “experts’, I don’t use equipment once and then make videos on them to make money, nor do I have affiliate links to make $$$ off people that have nothing better to do than watch gym equipment reviews.

I don’t care about the money = plates are 100% paid for, But Rogue will pay for the lack of respect and bullying

The fact that Rogue has twice treated me like absolute garbage, and trying to bully me to accept these plates, I will be posting pictures and videos of my “normal” USA plates. I’m sure Rogue will have no problems with this since these plates are “normal” 😉

Enjoy the show

Coach George Tsanis

REVIEW That Rogue Fitness Didn’t Publish


JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Rogue USA Olympic Plates are stunning and beautiful, but unfortunately many of my plates arrived with chips, dents, craters, and blemishes. Rogue assures me this is “normal”, but after 40 years in the gym business, I think this is far from “normal”.

Customer service was beyond terrible!!! Sent initial complaint email on January 24, did not receive a reply till February 2 (9 days), was again ignored from February 11 email to February 25, 14 days, when I emailed rogue to ask if this issue will be resolved by the end of 2022, otherwise I suspect I would have been ignored longer.

Yes, the plates are gorgeous, but I would not dare call these USA Olympic plates Rogue’s “finest” plates just yet! Rogue has some quality control issues to clean up before sending these expensive plates to customers.

If in fact these imperfections such as chips, craters, dents, blemishes are “R” s are ‘normal” as Rogue’s customer service suggest, I believe many people will be deeply disappointed with their Rogue USA Olympic weight plate purchase. The beautiful immaculate plates you see in the advertisement may not be how your weight plates arrive, and Rogue may tell you “its normal”, and “doesn’t ruin the functionality of the plates”, and I was told that exchanging my imperfect plates for new ones may not result in better plates, the exchanged plates may arrive in same condition, with chips, dents, craters, blemishes, and “R”s that look like they were carved with a Swiss army knife.

I love the plates, beautiful, thin, but Rogue could not ensure that exchanging my damaged plates with new plates will bring me better looking plates free of imperfections, because apparently its “normal”, I decided to return my plates, but unfortunately since my emails were heavily ignored, this issues is not finished and still dragging along at the 6 week mark.

I would hold off on these stunningly beautiful expensive plates until quality control issues are fixed, or if these imperfections are “normal”, hopefully the consumer is aware that what you see in the ads may not be what you receive at your doorsteps

Caveat emptor!!!

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