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Two months ago, January 24, 2002, I emailed Rogue Fitness to inform them my Rogue USA Olympic weight plates, which according to Rogue, is “the finest series we’ve ever developed”, arrived with chips, blemishes, craters, and dents, straight out of the box!!!! Nothing “fine” about it.

Rogue has IGNORED me throughout this ordeal, once for 9 days, another for 14 days, and now since they beginning of March, attempting to BULLY me into accepting their offer of replacing two plates, even though 9 are imperfect, or $75 gift certificate per plate.

I asked for replacement plates, 9 plates in all, bring me new plates that look that the beautiful plates in the advertisement.

Rogue only agreed to replace two plates of the 9 “imperfect’ plates, and any replaced plates may look the same as the “imperfect” plates I’m complaining about because, get ready, ITS NORMAL to have blemishes, chips, dents, craters, and R’s that look like they were carved out with Swiss army knife.

Imagine some newbie spent a fortune on these plates, not knowing what “normal” is, and their plates arrived in same condition as mine, and Rogue told these people that don’t know better, maybe took out a big loan $$$$, and end up believing rogue that these “imperfect plates are NORMAL?

How sad would that be?????

Rogue is attempting to bully the wrong guy.

At this point my investment doesn’t matter, it doesn’t even matter if Rogue takes back the plates. Any enjoyment I would have got from these plates has been wiped away from the brutal, humiliating, arrogant, torturous ‘customer service” I have been put through and continue to be dragged through, and not the first time this customer service manager put me through hell.

I promised rogue that I would show the world their “finest” plates, made in the USA, and I never break a promise, and I never let a bully bully anyone in my presence, and I wasn’t raised to be bullied, so from here on, I will showcase these magnificent made in the USA Rogue Fitness plates once per day, and maybe if I’m in a good mood twice per day, till next January 24 😊

That should teach Rogue some manners

Enjoy the show

Coach George Tsanis

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