April Fools Day Prank Rogue Fitness Damaged Home Garage Gym Joke

April Fools Day Prank Rogue Fitness Damaged Home Gym Joke

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NO JOKE = Rogue took 9 days to respond to my initial email about my damaged, chipped, cratered, blemished “finest” Rogue weight set, IGNORED for 9 days even though I called a few times to check on status of my complaint.

After waiting 9 days for a response, Rogue informs me these expensive, “finest” weight plates arrived in “normal” condition for cast iron plates. I thought this was a joke, except this was 2 months ago, and rogue’s brutal, torturous “customer service” is still playing games with me, these made in USA weight plates with dents, chips, craters and blemishes, essentially JUNK, is still in my gym, its like a bad prank I can’t shake off.

Then Rogue IGNORED me for another 14 days, only because I decided to play the Rogue’s manager games, jokes, pranks and email him, tickle him for a response, even though I knew the response would be anything but “normal”, and treat it as a joke, a prank, but two months later and going, this is like a bad dream.

Last summer Rogue also played a joke, prank on me, setting up an appointment for a freight truck pickup, took a day off work, waited all day like a clown, only to investigate and find out from the freight company that Rogue did not complete all documents for a truck to come to my gym. Joke? Prank? Someone sick in the head? I had to book another day off, two days, because of this incompetent manager, or maybe he was playing a joke prank on me.

Its ok, I don’t mind dealing with jokers, clowns, and tough guys 😉

These plates, which I consider worthless junk, are still in my gym, all I can do is laugh,


Have a beautiful day

Coach George Tsanis

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