Should You Invest in a Home Garage Fitness Gym? Probably Not at First!!!

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Do you need to invest $$$ in a home gym? PROBABLY NOT!!!


I predicted this would happen over a year ago. Social media manipulation, social media “influencers”, playing havoc with people’s mental, physical, and financial health.

The health and fitness industry, of which I am embarrassingly a part of, is the only industry where you are never good enough, never active enough, never lean enough, never smart enough, an industry built on shaming and belittling you, an industry built on lies (fake bodies build on drugs), a journey where you will probably walk out worse then where you began (look at how many people “give up”, even the self-proclaimed “experts” don’t follow their own recommendations = do as I say, not as I do 😉

Do you need to invest in an expensive home gym? I have designed well over 100 gyms in the last +20 years, so I am qualified to answer that what I see on social media, home and garage gyms, buying an excessive amount of equipment, equipment that most don’t need and cant afford, buying new equipment, and posting new equipment on social media as if the gym, and their gym, the amount invested $, is part of their identity, which somehow makes them better than others, somehow increases their level of importance in the online community.

I THINK IT’S A SICKNESS. Since I’m not a Dr, but I do spend my day with various Drs, and I’m not alone in in the opinion this can’t be a “healthy” hobby.

It was never about a gym, it was always about being able to exercise anywhere, anytime, NO MATTER WHAT. That may or may not include any form of equipment.

Young adults = Do you want to live in your parents’ basement for the rest of your life? IF not, I suggest you spend your time and money wisely, meaning stop following fake people that work hard to steal your time, energy, and money, while they enrich their life from your most valuable resources. IF you need a physical gym, buy what you can afford, while still allowing you to invest in something that matters, for example a HOME you can call your own.

INFLUENCERS that show off new equipment, income from affiliate links, free equipment from manufacturers, paid by advertising posts, YouTube $, has nothing to do with benefiting YOU, like all narcissist, it’s all about THEM!!!! Don’t take advice from people being paid to shove products your way. These INFLUENCERS should be ashamed for enticing, manipulating, encouraging young adults, to invest huge amounts of money into a gym instead of a home or property.

Protect your time, protect your money, and learn to be able to exercise anytime, anywhere, NO MATTER WHAT, whether you decide to invest in a gym or not.

Many of the greatest athletes of the past and present have trained with minimal amount of equipment, and this has been my professional experience as well, training people of all walks of life, including professional athletes of the highest ranks, trained with the bare minimum of equipment, because that all we had, that all we could afford, and if its good enough for them I’m sure it will be enough for you.

Watch the video. I pray this post, my video, will encourage people of all ages, especially young adults, to be very mindful of the online fitness industry, and be mindful of any spending towards “health”, which is anything but, and looks more like a sickness.

God bless

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