Best Abdominal Core Obliques Core Calisthenics Workout Challenge

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Sunday Abdominal Core Obliques Calisthenics Workout Challenge

Who is training abs today NO MATTER WHAT?!?!?!

Side obliques crunches on elbow, feet elevated, arms overhead with heavy dumbbell for added resistance.

This exercise has been a staple in my training since I was a kid, starting with kickboxing, boxing, and have programmed in every client over the decades.

I reckon you have rarely, if ever seen this exercise. My clients and I perform this exercise with regularly frequency and hundreds of variations.

IF success leaves clues, for example our bodies based on looks and performance should be “clues” enough, IF success leaves clues, why don’t you see this exercise done in gym?

One reason is laziness!!!! It’s not bad enough that the modern world has made people lazy, fitness, athletes, sports “influencers” are lazy themselves, mostly due to their drug use, and then they showcase this laziness to “influence” clients that they can train and same lifestyle as these lazy drug abusers. Once they lies and reality surface, people still search for the lazy solution, and there isn’t one.


You don’t eliminate exercises that produce results, just as you wouldn’t eliminate employees that do a great job.

“I’m not hired to find you exercises you “like”, I am hired to find exercises that WORK”!!!! = As I have mentioned to hundreds of clients over the decades, especially the clients that were looking for something “easy”, more “enjoyable”, and realizing their fitness “goals” were either not true, or never going to be attainable because of their laziness.

Coach George Tsanis

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