Who Else Has Expensive Gym Equipment They Don’t Use ❌, Can’t Stand to Look at ☠️🤮?

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Rogue Fitness USA Olympic Weight Plates 👎🛑

Who else has expensive gym equipment they don’t use ❌, can’t stand to look at ☠️🤮?

I wish Rogue would take their made in America 🇺🇸 junk 🗑out of my gym so I can buy and use weights that are made to last for decades to come, unlike the low quality USA steel that arrived with chips, dents, craters, and blemishes 🤡💩

Rogue has assured me that craters, chips, dents, and blemishes are “normal” for cast iron plates 🤡

Rogue rewriting the history books 📖 of what is the new “normal “ = expensive 💰gym equipment that come with a host of imperfections, bypassing quality control, and rogue telling customer its “normal “ and doesn’t ruin the “functionality “ of the products

In other words don’t buy expensive rogue fitness products based on looks abs design, because it may not arrive in the “look “ and “design “ you fell in love with when purchasing

Coach George Tsanis

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