GARBAGE 🗑 JUNK 🤮 TRASH 🚮Expensive Rogue Home Gym Equipment ❌, Can’t Stand to Own and Look at ☠️🤮?

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Words that describe the Rogue Fitness USA weight plates, and the “customer service” I received 🗑🚮🤮🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️👎

ROGUE USA OLYMPIC PLATE = “Continuing our mission to bring quality cast iron plate production back to America, Rogue’s USA Olympic Plates are, in our opinion, the finest series we’ve ever developed.”

Rogue Fitness “finest” plates ever developed arrived with R’s that don’t look like a “norma’ Rogue R, looks carved out with a swiss army knife Rogue Fitness “finest” plates ever developed arrived with chips,dents,craters, blemishes, and disfigured R’s.

FINEST PLATES. EXPENSIVE IF this is Rogues “finest” plate series, what does it say about lower level tier plates??????

Imagine contacting Rogue customer service about “finest” expensive, thousands $$$, plates arriving with chips, dents, craters, blemishes, and disfigured R’s, and being ignored from initial email for 9 days !!!!!?????

Imagine through the debate process being IGNORED for another 14 days after spending thousands on rogues “finest” plates???!!!!!

Imagine being IGNORED further after the 9 and 14 days IGNORING after buying Rogues “finest” expensive plates???!!!!

Long story short, rogue customer service assures me craters, dents, chips, dents, blemishes is “NORMAL” for cast iron plates.

Did I mention these are rogues “finest” plates? The most expensive plates on the menu!!!!

Chips, dents, craters, blemishes, disfigured R’s on logo is “normal’ and “acceptable.

I am frightened to imagine what is “normal” for rogues lesser tier plates.

I promised Rogue I would share my story with the world, it is the ONLY enjoyment I will get out of this garbage plates, ooops, “finest”, that was delivered to my gym.


Customers should know what is NORMAL, and what is NOT Have a fun day

Coach George Tsanis

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