Orthodox Easter Monday Fitness Workout Abs Motivation

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After two Easter weekends, who is training abs harder than last time, than ever ever !!!! Get stronger so you can do most, if not all, the things you want to do.

SHOCKING how many family and friends did not get together this Easter. People have grown tired, less energy, less motivated, depressed, accustomed to being alone, hiding, and ultimately, WEAKER.

People mostly associate exercise with “looks”, appearance.

I gave up training most people for “looks” about 20 years ago. You better have a real good reason to hire me (I’m not for hire, don’t send me emails, I am as busy as I care to be for an old man) for “looks”, and that would be people that make money off their bodies such as professional models, actors, athletes. People that want to “look” good for a wedding or social media posts so they can find a mate have zero chance of working with me, and I usually prescribe a therapist to get their head on straight.

IF people used exercise, specifically strength training, they would get stronger to do the things they want, more strength, more energy, conditioning, flexibility, and that would motivate people to go out and have fun with activities, sports, travelling, whatever you desire.

Weakness by hiding at home being a computer, the phone, and not meeting up with family and friends, as i heard so many stories of people not connecting for Easter, birthdays, special occasions, and its sad as we were forced to social distance, but we can connect safely once again.

Get in the gym, focus on strength, and I promise the desire to do more things, fun, meaningful activities, with special people, will become a focus and a priority. Being alone isn’t healthy. Either is being WEAK. Weak people don’t like to do things.

Weak people also avoid human interactions, as was the case with people not spending Easter together

Use the gym as a stepping stone as a gateway to doing more fun and meaningful things.

You “look” better when your in action, living, move move move.

Train for function. GET STRONG. Get out and have fun with whatever you love, with who you love.

Have a fun, safe, productive week

Coach George Tsanis

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