CrossFit Conditioning Cardio Outdoor Gym Sled Training Workout

#crossfit #workout #health CrossFit Conditioning Cardio Outdoor Gym Sled Training Workout

Who is doing conditioning work today?

Since day one of my training and coaching journey, conditioning work has been the cornerstone of training. The art and science of training seems to be forgotten in the digital age, what a shame.

It seems in the modern world, filled with “Coaches” and “athletes” that have largely built their bodies, and careers with the help of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, therefore many of theses online INFLUENCERS don’t know, or really understand proper training, as you can’t know, understand, and teach something you have never done, especially when the ‘influencer’ only looks the part when ON😉

INFLUENCERS get in and out of shape as they please, drug use and lack of respect for their health is usually the cause of YO-YO FITNESS.

Early deaths = when you combine drug use, yo-yo dieting, yo-yo fitness, and training void of conditioning work, this is a recipe for disaster!!!! Even when ‘alive’, some of these INFLUENCERS “coach’, “athletes” look one step away from the grave in their 20’s and 30’s!!! How these FAKES are an inspiration to people is telling of what a mixed-up world we live in. Thank God this is not how I was coached and mentored.

No one cares how much you squat, bench, and deadlift when you are purple skinned, look like the Pillsbury doughboy, cant talk without breathing hard, can’t put on your own shoes, blood pressure so high you know something going to POP, your dick don’t work = impotent, but hey, “I am strong as a bull, and my follower “like” my post, and that means a lot to me”.

Your Dr will ask you how your “conditioning’ training is going, very rarely they will care about your squat, deadlift, and bench

Could you get bigger? Could you get stronger? Sure, but then you might be less conditioned and that will negatively affect health, which I hope is your primary priority!

After +40 years in the gym, and roughly 30 years of coaching, I can assure you most online celebrity INFLUENCERS are not in the “shape” you think they are.

No one cares how you “look” or how strong you were, how many followers you have on social media when your dead.

Will continue this “conditioning” topic in future

Have a safe, fun, product day

Coach George Tsanis

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