Imagine the Worst Shopping and Customer Service Experience Ever

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Rogue Fitness USA 🇺🇸 Olympic Weight Plates = Rogue’s “FINEST” 🥇

Imagine buying one of the most expensive weight plates on the market, the “finest”, then discovering multiple plates with dents, chips, craters, blemishes, disfigured logo letters… Imagine writing Rogue to complain about damaged / imperfect weight plates and being IGNORED for 9 days after initial email !!!!! Bought the most expensive plates, Made in USA 🇺🇸, and IGNORED 8 days after initial email complaint. Imagine being IGNORED for another 14 days during back and forth emails because rogue was trying to bully me to accept damaged/ imperfect plates, and that would never happen 😂💪🏼🤡

Imagine buying one of the most expensive weight plates on the market, having to stare at them for +3 because rogue hoping I would give up to their bullying and just start using the weights 😅🤦‍♀️❌

Imagine have one of the most expensive weight plates in your gym, but arrived damaged imperfect due to poor USA 🇺🇸 exceptionalism quality control junk 🗑…

Imagine shopping 🛍 💰for new weight plates , even though I have own the “FINEST” weights in my garage, but I give up waiting for rogue to acknowledge their garbage product and garbage customer “service”, so now I must go buy new weight plates, one that are free of imperfections, and worthy of my time and investment.


I haven’t lost too many fights in my life, the joy I get from sharing my experience and warning others is worth the thousands I spent on rogues damaged plates is #winning

Caveat emptor ⚠️

Coach George Tsanis

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