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Going shopping 🛍 for new weight plates 🏋️‍♀️

Can you imagine buying $ one of the most expensive weight plates on the market, the “finest”, yet they arrived with chips, dents, craters, blemishes, and weird looking logo Rs, and you can’t use these damaged weights because rogue is intentionally dragging on a dispute for almost 5 months, and cant do a proper workout, forced to either stare at an expensive weight tree, or go and train somewhere else so I can challenge myself with real weights, even though I own one of the most expensive plates on the market….IMAGINE

Can you imagine buying one of the most expensive weight plates on market, and now being FORCED to buy new weights because rogue refuses to resolve the issue? IMAGINE

5 months NOT being able to do a proper home workout because rogue is intentionally dragging this dispute on, in what I can only think is due to rogue forcing me, bullying me, to accept these damaged weights, and that will never happen.

Wasted my whole year, made my training schedule so difficult and stressful, rogue knowing full well these plates are damaged and customer not accepting these “finest” plates, rogue didn’t give a shit about my training, my stress, my investment, and my training.


I will no longer allow rogue to waste my time with attempting to bully me, force me, and ruin anymore of my home workouts, or let my investment go to waste. NEVER AGAIN

Tomorrow, I go weight plate shopping, bring home weight plates I can use, grow with, share, and be proud of, and get back to the original plan of serious home training, a goal of mine I had when buying rogues made in USA Olympic weight plates, but they didn’t care about quality control obviously, rogue didn’t care about answering my emails,

Caveat emptor ⚠️

Coach George Tsanis

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After almost 5 months after buying the USA Olympic weight plates, and waiting patiently as rogue embarrasses itself with not only lack of quality control for the shipped products, but the shameful treatment of intentionally IGNORING ME, and denying me good quality weights to use in my gym while advertising the “finest” weight set to date

Imagine writing Rogue to complain about damaged / imperfect weight plates and being IGNORED for 9 days after initial email !!!!! Bought the most expensive plates, Made in USA 🇺🇸, and IGNORED 8 days after initial email complaint. Imagine being IGNORED for another 14 days during back and forth emails because rogue was trying to bully me to accept damaged/ imperfect plates, and that would never happen 😂💪🏼🤡

Imagine buying one of the most expensive weight plates on the market, having to stare at them for +3 months because rogue hoping I would give up to their bullying and just start using the weights 😅🤦‍♀️❌

Imagine shopping 🛍 💰for new weight plates , even though I have own the “FINEST” weights in my garage, but I give up waiting for rogue to acknowledge their garbage product and garbage customer “service”, so now I must go buy new weight plates, one that are free of imperfections, and worthy of my time and investment

I haven’t lost too many fights in my life, the joy I get from sharing my experience and warning others is worth the thousands I spent on rogues damaged plates is #winning

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