Feels Like Summer Fun Outdoor Home Gym Investment Motivation

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Feels Like Summer Fun Outdoor Home Gym Investment Motivation


With the arrival of beautiful weather, summer just around the corner, 5 months of “outside” weather, why not INVEST IN YOURSELF, invest in fitness gym you can easily use and transport outdoors, take to park, beach, cottage, vacations, wherever you want when you want, it’s yours, you own it!!!!

The POWER of investing in yourself is that you get better with each investment in new equipment, get better with each rep, set, and workout, and the power of always “open”, fitness anywhere anytime, and SHARING, sharing with loved ones, neighbors, kids that watch you workout will ask to join, make equipment available to all for a very small investment, maybe the cost of eating out 30 times, the equipment in the picture can be OWNED BY YOU!!!

Because most of this equipment is indestructible, cheap barbells, chains, sleds, weights you don’t care about (although these cheap old YORK plates are in better condition than my “finest” expensive Rogue USA Plates that arrived with chips, dents, blemishes, craters, and disfigured logos, so buy the cheap stuff 😉this investment will last for years through use and abuse.

The money and time you “invest” / waste on restaurants, desserts, coffees, alcohol, Cannabis, can be put towards owning something of VALUE, such as HOME, gym equipment, something that makes you BETTER with time, unlike on restaurants, desserts, coffees, alcohol, Cannabis which is money gone forever with very little or no return.

This is not all my “outdoor” equipment, just what I needed for today’s short outdoor workout, the options available can fit most tight budgets $, and fitness goals,

Cook at home, alcohol at home, workout with your own equipment, invite loved ones over for food, drinks, workouts, and share, and grow together.

Have a fun Monday and a fun, safe, productive week

Coach George Tsanis

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