MAG Grips Amazon Generic Knockoff Unboxing First Look – These are the Real Deal

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MAG grips – Maximum Advantage Grips knockoffs bought from Amazon Canada.

To get to the point = these knockoffs are the closest “clones” to MAG grips I have seen, close enough to warrant me to purchase a set for an upcoming project. I am very familiar with MAG grips, even very familiar with homemade variable angle grips well before MAGS were available, and can confidently say these MAG grip knockoffs are the closest clones on the market, and at a very attractive price point that makes it affordable for most gyms, something I cannot say about real MAGS, which are so expensive I can only recommend purchasing the real MAGS only for professional reason, you will be making money off them, otherwise after this unboxing, first look, and playing around with them, I can only say GET THESE, THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL !!!!!

After playing around with these knockoffs, I was pleasantly surprised, and loved the feel, groove, and angles just felt perfect, and at this price point, 7 lat pulldown bars for $300, I am certain you will love these bars. Again, these are the closest MAG clones I have seen. Most Amazon MAG closes are anything but, most are simply neutral grip bars and not variable grip bars.

A former client of mine, and others I know, had some custom-made MAG ish grips giving to us by Charles Poliquin maybe +15 years ago, I used these in his gym, am aware of other custom-made variable grips throughout my decades in the gym, so I wouldn’t say these “grips” are anything new, or even necessary, but after playing around with them I can definitely recommend these Amazon knockoffs, and don’t feel they will let you down in what these bars offer.

FAT GRIPS = as shown in the video, I would combine these with FAT GRIPZ, and that would provide extra training variety, and lots of gains.

Because lat pulldown bars don’t, and have never interested me, MAGS and other bar variants won’t frequently be found in our exercise selection pool. I much prefer people stick with the basics when it comes to training and gym equipment, and only when the “need” arises do I ever even hint at spending money on new equipment. Stick with the basics, try out the fancy stuff only after the basics have been exhausted.

In case these MAG grips knockoffs don’t interest you, Atlantis has come out with MAG knockoffs, 6 bars so far, I tried 2 of the closer grips, they felt great, and in a case of “bad luck good luck” when I made the call to purchase the Atlantic bars, they sold all out that day, but more should be available end of January 2023.

York = My sources also tell me York barbell is working on a MAG knockoff, as I’m sure most fitness companies will want to cash in on people that don’t want to master the basics and want to collect equipment they probably won’t use, but not sure on the status of YORK mags, but contact them.


BLUSLM AMAZON Knocks offs = 7 bars = $310 CAD delivered to your door Amazon prime. MAG Grips 7 bars the whole set = about $1000 with currency exchange, shipping, and duties Atlantis MAG knockoffs – 6 bars = $760 CAD with tax but must add shipping to that price.

SUPPORT US – PLEASE use our affiliate links, when you purchase from these links I make money from manipulating you into buying gym equipment you probably don’t need, and probably can’t afford.

COME ON PEOPLE!!!! How can you trust “reviewers” that are bought, paid off, get free equipment, money, kickbacks from gym equipment manufacturers?????

REAL EXPERTS are the people using gym equipment all day, everyday, for years and decades, with REAL paying customers using equipment to achieve their goals. These are the people you want to ask about gym equipment, PROFESSIONALS that use gym equipment, rely on equipment to earn a living.

Paid reviewers are not “reviewers”, they are employees!!!!

The best gym equipment “reviews” are from Coaches, Trainers, and others that rely on equipment that give results from paying clients and pay the bills in the real world. “I will leave that there 😉

If looking for REAL MAG grip clones, these are it….no affiliate links, just go to amazon and buy

Coach George Tsanis

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